WordPress Can not Update Theme and Plugin FTP Credentials

Yesterday, I got a little problem. I have many websites and some of them in one web hosting. I try to update WordPress new version 4.6, but it did not work. It also can not update theme

Apple Cinema Display LCD Monitor Replace Power Adapter

[Credit: Reismanit Services] So I got ahold of a 23″ Apple Cinema Display LCD monitor. One Problem: No power adapter! So after some extensive internet searches for new or used adapters (models A1097 90w or A1098 150w)

Speed Up Your Ten Fingers Keyboard Typing

How to quickly learn to type with ten Fingers – Talking about typing, I would like to invite all citizens of the world together learn typing ten fingers. My friend said to me “Why should typing with

Which Better Apple TV vs Amazon Fire TV

Multimedia in the living room promise streaming boxes of Apple and Amazon. Let’s see the differences. With the Apple TV 4 and its new TVOS which has opened the door to third-party apps that Streamingbox from Apple

Which The Best Web Hosting For WordPress Site

Many hosting providers there are special WordPress hosting packages. Mostly there can be installed with one click WordPress simply. I have a list of them. For clarification, the criteria by which vendors were selected: The provider in this

What’s New in The Update of Cortana?

The digital assistant obeys its word and makes using Windows 10 devices. It is new that can be used on the lock screen of Cortana and supported increasingly third-party apps. What’s new? Windows 10 users will have already

What Should Do When Your Computer Hang?

Computer applications is often jammed, and it usually occurs when operating for too long and too hot. In fact, the computer has not responding, or commonly referred to hang. Hang usually appear when the computer does not

Tutorial How to Virtual PC work with Virtualbox

With Virtualbox, several virtual test PCs can be installed in parallel. The free-to-use program works quickly and has a clear control center. 1. Installation Install Virtualbox by downloading and running the setup file. Click “Next” in the

The Difference between http and https

HTTP and HTTPS is protocol language code that are familiar to Internet users, because each link that refers to a website definitely use it. This code is also often encountered when we want to do browsing or

Simple Fix : Windows Cannot be Installed to This Disk

When you’re reinstalling by using a flash drive: Windows 10, 8.1, or 8 from Windows 7, sometimes there are some computer or laptop will have problems like the following text: Windows cannot be installed on this disk.